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Providing healthy and fresh products with competitive prices.

We always guaranteed continuous fresh quality products. A healthy selections of fresh local and imported meat which will prepared to your preferences.

Best Meat Selection

Thimar/Wasmi has established a team of vets and specialists to insure healthy fresh meat, the team is devoted to check the herds feeding quality on our own farm, and ensure it is kept to the highest standards that reflects on the quality of the meat. Computerize data system are in place to identify each herd and its feeding quality. These healthy herds are checked regularly to ensure the meat excellent quality and freshness, and to give the consumer peace of mind.


  • 100% Local Meat.
  • Herds are chosen from the best livestock and breed under Vets supervision and skilled herd famers.
  • The meat is transported in sanitized refrigerated vans to ensure absolute freshness.
  • Certified quality control of the meat is an ongoing process.

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